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Q: As a new extruder in the market, you do not have a history. How do I know I can rely on you?

A: Although UMEX is in a new location, and our equipment is all new and State-of-the-Art, we are part of a group of companies that have been in this industry since 1944, and doing Extrusions since the early seventies. Umex has some of the most experienced and respected people in the Aluminum Extruding business. Many of the professionals at UMEX have been in the Extrusion industry for 20 to 45 years. All of our people are dedicated to bringing you the finest quality products at competitive prices and on time to meet your needs.
Why not give us a trial order, you can be part of our growing history as satisfied UMEX customers.


Q: What are your extrusion capabilities? What alloys can you extrude, in what sizes?

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Q: Do you have Chemical and Mechanical Certifications available for your 6061 alloy extrusions ?

A: YES, certifications are available for our 6061 alloy extrusions. Call us for details. (877) 248-0300


Q: Can your design and produce dies for my custom shape Aluminum Extrusion ?

A: YES, UMEX maintains a State of the Art Engineering/Design department as well as machine shop. We can design and manufacture dies for extrusions meeting your design specifications.


Q: What is your Lead Time and Pricing?

A: Because of our High Volume equipment, and large warehouse facility, UMEX has very competitive pricing on all extrusion products. Lead times are among the shortest in the industry.


How do I Handle and Store my aluminum products?

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